Customer Satisfaction Comes First!
Communication with property owners and insurance companies is critical to a successful restoration project. We make it easy to share information about the status of work in progress, including full documentation of the work being performed, selection of materials, and confirmed work schedules. This is one of the many reasons we enjoy a high level of customer satisfaction and insurance company approval.

First General Services of Northeastern Pennsylvania is trained to work with both the property owner and the insurance company. Educated to look for hidden damage that can cause potential problems, we maintain industry qualifications and guarantee that professionally executed projects are carried out.

We are restoration specialists with the knowledge and qualifications to complete any property restoration. Our goal is to provide you with the assistance and support you need so that relief is only a few steps away.


Our Customer Feedback

William D. Starr | Director of Ancillary Services/Compliance | Little Flower Manor / St. Therese Residence & St. Luke's Villa

I was totally impressed with the quick response by First General Services to our small laundry fire at St. Luke’s Villa.

In one hour after my call your crew was there and working. The professionalism was fantastic. The equipment and chemicals you used worked perfectly in removing the dirt and grim, but more importantly it remove the smoke smell. That is a smell I thought would never leave.

When it came time to stop the cleanup, Joe recommended further cleaning and I thought this would be a problem, but no. Joe merely stated that if a problem existed after they left they would return if needed. That was a great comfort to me and our residents.

I know we are waiting for the new ceiling to come in and that will complete your work. So far there is no doubt that I would call again and recommend you to others.

Bill Starr

Mrs. Thomas, Wilkes Barre, PA (March 2011)

"I was very satisfied with the work from the estimate process to completion – and as a senior citizen, your willingness to understand my financial circumstances and allowing me to make payments. I know I have other work that needs done and hope I can work with your company again! Thank you for your worker’s professionalism and attention to detail"

Raymond Bernardi, Superintendent
Wyoming Area School District Exeter, PA (June 2010)

"Excellent Company! Great response time!"

Diane Jaghab, Scranton, PA (June 2010)

"Great job. I had two water incidents since January and Keith responded quickly, courteously and went above & beyond in service."

William P. Kratz, Miners Mills, PA (May 2010)

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the employees of First General that have either had direct contact with me or were part of the team that completed this job. From beginning to end, I have been most pleased with everyone. I found everyone to be courteous, helpful and efficient. I am very satisfied with the work performed and I am particularly pleased with the extra care taken with the clean up upon completion. I would welcome the opportunity to be used as a reference for future clients of your company. I hope Travelers Insurance keeps your firm at the top of their list for referrals. Once again, Thank You one and all."

Maria & Greg Koons, Mountain Top, PA (April, 2010)

"Thank you so much for all that you have done for us. Everyone who worked on our water damage was so helpful and kind. The crew worked so quickly and Danielle was so organized and 'on top of things'".

Janice Gilsinger, Bushkill, PA (February, 2010)

"I would like to let everyone at your Company know that I really enjoyed working together with all of you. You are very competent and reliable. I would use you again if I ever need anything done."

Water Gap Country Club, PA (February 2009)

"Excellent service and attention to detail!"

Joan Lokuta, Dupont, PA (January 2009)

"First General turned a very bad situation into an almost pleasant experience. They made it very easy for me even though I was so far away at my winter home in Florida."

Robert Cronaur, Hanover Twp, PA (December, 2009)

"Your prompt service and quality was greatly appreciated after the shock of our water damage."

Patty & Gerard Pernot, Duryea, PA (December, 2009)

"Best service we ever had. Thank you."

Alice Keisling, Clarks Summit, PA (December, 2009)

"Special thanks to Michael who worked very hard to finish our project on a timely basis - so we could get on with our holiday preparation. Also thanks to Kevin, Nelson, Chris & Bernie. All of them represented your Company professionally."

Bernie Bozzone, Tobyhanna, PA (December, 2009)

"Very courteous, professional, customer oriented and know how to do the job!"

Joseph Masich, Olyphant, PA (December, 2009)

"Everything was perfect."

Gateway Apartments, Edwardsville, PA (December, 2009)

"Excellent service all around! A+ Job!"

The Cronauer & Loughnane Families (December, 2009)

"Labor Day weekend began as only what our family could call a nightmare; our Dad was admitted to the hospital with heart problems. Unable to help him there, he was transferred to another hospital where he underwent a quadruple bypass and had two heart valves replaced. Unfortunately, things did not go as hoped and Dad had some setbacks and to make matters worse during all of this my brother discovered that my parent’s basement had been flooded. This is no ordinary basement; it is my Dad's place of refuge. It is lovingly called Bob's Bunker and it is filled with Native American mementos from the Southwest.

My brother immediately called our Aunt and Uncle, and they took complete control of the situation. With the help of TRAVELERS and FIRST GENERAL SERVICES OF NE PA "The Bunker" was able to be restored to its original state. The quick action of both of your businesses helped dry the basement and prevented the invasion of mold and within days of our Dad's arrival home he was able to enjoy his bunker once again.

And so, on behalf of the Cronauer & Loughnane families, we would like to express our grateful thanks for your professionalism with the human touch during our time of distress."

The Loughnane Family (December, 2009)

"I would just like to add to my niece’s letter of thanks. We worked with ProjectManagersKellyStrait and Joe Simon. We cannot thank these two men enough for their help. They were so knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. I am sure you know what an asset they are to your Company."

Bernie Bozzone, Tobyhanna, PA (November, 2009)

"Where I live, it is impossible to find a reputable contractor. First General exceeded my expectations: Very professional, terrific work and customer friendly. Thank you."

David Amico, Wyoming Area School District, Exeter, PA (November, 2009)

"Expedient and satisfactory. First General was well organized and a pleasure to work with."

Ellen Bush & Mildred Lloyd

"Excellent work! You saved us! Many thanks!"

Gerald & Mary Beth Stanvitch, Scranton, PA (February, 2009)

"Workers were always prompt and all work was done in a professional satisfactory manner. I would certainly recommend this Company and its services without exception."

Alfred Kaczmarczyk, Scranton, PA (May 2008)

"We woke in the middle of the night on Tuesday, May 20, 2008 to find that a pipe had broken on a toilet in our second floor bathroom. To say that we had a mess on our hands is an understatement. We contacted C.C. Young, our Travelers insurance agency who gave us the name of your company.We were thrilled by your response to our situation. Your service was exceptional. We had an inspector in our home within ninety minutes of contacting your company. He provided outstanding service and assessed our water damage quickly and dispatched a crew to handle the damage to our home.Shortly thereafter your crew arrived. They were without a doubt professionals, not only were they thorough and competent in the work they did, they were pleasant and courteous.We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the incredible service you provided. Your company and its employees helped our family deal with a terrible situation and did so in a professional and courteous manner. We would recommend your services to anyone else who was in our situation."

Bingham's Restaurant - Stefan Bernarsky (January 2008)

"Again, I thank you and First General Services for everything. The clean up was terrific and the timeliness was amazing. FGS was completely professional and did exactly what you guys said you would do. I would definitely recommend FGS in any situation like ours to anyone who has the trouble we had (and no longer currently have). Luther and Curt are great guys (and the rest of the crew). Job seriously well done from soup to nuts (or soot to clean)... Thanks so much for your help."

Jonathan & Molly Hegwood, Weatherly, PA (January 2008)

"Our experience with your Company was very positive. The process took longer than we expected, but we're very satisfied with the job completed. Laura and Renee were very pleasant and helpful throughout the various projects. Thank you both."

William Blackburn, Little Meadows, PA (June 2007)

Your crew was "Hard-working, professional and sympathetic to the situation! Diane, Audrey, Gail, Mark, and Dave should all be given a pat on the back and a bonus for a job well done. Thank you."

Ralph Otero, Mountain Top, PA (April 2007)

"The clean up exceeded my expectations - it was great. Thanks!"

Stan Kremski, Forty Fort, PA (February 2007)

"Everyone involved was very professional and easy to work with; in particular Luther, Ted and Phil. Ted was very conscientious and hard-working. We have already recommended FGS to our neighbor."

Rose Schoch, Stroudsburg, PA (Summer 2006)

"In April of 2006, our outdoor cardboard bin caught on fire. You (First General Services) were the contractors hired to rebuild the damaged convenience store. It is now complete again. When I look at the new steps and bins I am very satisfied with the work your employees did. They were very dedicated and ambitious... They were professional in all ways. I would ask you to work for us again."

The Haughs, Donaldson, PA

"First General, the emergency response team that was sent to our home, got here immediately after we called to report the damage. And that was on a Sunday afternoon! They came fully equipped and went to work without delay, suctioning up water, drying, packing our things up and getting them out of harms way.

All the contents that were saved: Some were irreplaceable, such as an original wooden Thomas The Train set, a reference library of more than a hundred volumes, some of which are out of print, and original artwork. Not a single oil or watercolor was lost or damaged. They had them off the walls and wiped down before any harm could result. Even more important, they saved our house. We thought the water damage was catastrophic and it clearly would have been without the rapid response. They worked diligently in unbelievable heat for several days to suction out water and dry the house, and prevented mold and major damage. We were so relieved. All in all, we only lost a computer, a few books and the house only needed cosmetic repairs. It could have been much, much worse."

Carol Rick, Hawley, PA (Spring 2006)

"I cannot emphasize enough gratitude and appreciation for the services your company and you rendered to us. Your compassion and empathy went a long way toward helping us adjust to and deal with the reality of the water damage situation. You personally, John, expended considerable effort in expediting and overseeing the salvage and reconstruction efforts at our house. Everything was done with such speed and efficiency that the emotional effect of the pipe break disaster and resulting water damage was greatly diminished. The actual water was vacuumed up immediately and the soggy wallboard and insulation removed promptly. Your careful inspection of the damaged lower walls and baseboard area insured that no mildew or rot remained in those areas. I was amazed at how well you were able to match the new shades of paint to our original paint chip samples. Our newly laid carpeting, although no longer pristine, is serviceable and acceptable in appearance. We were fearful that it would be totally ruined and irreparably damaged even though it had only been laid a few weeks previously.

Your general contractor for the reconstructive efforts, Richard Thomas, is a workman of the highest caliber. He is focused, conscientious, and neat and shows much integrity in his completed work. Not only is he a skilled and competent worker, but he is reliable and dependable, something to be rare qualities in local contractors. Mr. Thomas did a very competent job of spackling areas which had been ripped open for inspection and in repainting all of the downstairs rooms so that no one would suspect such a disaster had taken place there. he also put up our fan and chandelier very competently and neatly in the downstairs den to finish off that room nicely.

The attention to detail in your reconstruction efforts is amazing. The arrival of the cleaning ladies is a case in point. Their appearance was a total and delightful surprise and their efforts as your representatives , again were amazing. They were very courteous and and thorough in their work, giving us additional hope that the whole experience could be put behind us. We were not looking forward to cleaning up the plaster dust and other debris at all!!

In short, we were extremely happy with your efforts on our behalf. We have already recommended your services to everyone we know and will continue to do so. Thanks to you, our lives are back to normal once again. Many, many thanks to all of you."


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